This is my wife Alex. She is fantastic. Above we see a picture of her response to a futile attempt to scare me; she was foiled by my exceptional alertness. Better luck next time dear.

Yesterday, when I returned home, a blast of natural gas enveloped my senses as I entered our small apartment. My wife, probably stressed from the 48 hours of non-stop studying she had recently conquered, left our gas stove turned on without a flame.

Seizing the opportunity, I quickly texted to inform her that these assassination attempts had thus far proven unsuccessful.

Two minutes later, I open the fridge to find this. Go ahead. Who doesn't enjoy a game of "One of these  things doesn't belong.."

Two minutes later, tragedy struck again.

Stress is real folks. Take a vacation from your problems.




This post is dedicated to Caroline Thuet. If only every person could have the precious privilege and prodigious pleasure of Caroline's proclivity to parley through texting.

If this doesn't mean anything to you,
you probably don't mean anything to Dumbledore.



Sometimes you just feel like taking off your shirt, putting on your favorite army boots, WWII helmet, basketball shorts, and riding your dirt bike around town.

Ok...but some people do.



A friend of mine captured this moment while eating lunch in the Wilk at BYU.

First: Even if you were alone, this screams uncomfortable.

Second: I doubt a starving man holding a banana in a cage of ravenous monkeys has a grip as tight as this girl does on the guys' head.

Third: If you ever feel like kissing in public isn't quite getting the attention it used to, move to a second story balcony overlooking the entire BYU lunchroom.



Down the hatch...

Soooo everyone knows that sometimes you want to go to sleep and you don't have your contact case nearby so you put your contacts in a cup or bottle of water right? And maybe the next day you grab the small water bottle that still carries your contacts and take it with you to the car in order to transport them home. Then perhaps you are grasped by an intense thirst that could hardly be slaked by Niagara Falls herself.

So intent upon quenching your thirst, you forget about those little, gelatinous water-dwellers and drink your contacts...

...I've heard hindsight is 20/20... Unfortunately, I was definitely seeing better before this incident.



A million thousand cyber high-fives to you; the talented Rachel Haslam. You are a star.



The other day, this happened.

Then the fb helped this happen..

When is the best time to tell your mom you have a mullet?
· · El miércoles a la(s) 10:02 cerca de Provo
  • A Diana Hoer le gusta esto.
    • Philip Arthur Wensel mother's day
      El miércoles a la(s) 10:03 ·
    • Craig Brent Foster However if she doesn't notice before then...I'd take her to the optometrist first!
      El miércoles a la(s) 10:18 ·
    • Amy Schmutz Never. ;)
      El miércoles a la(s) 10:29 ·
    • Carissa Carlson I'm with Amy lol
      El miércoles a la(s) 10:31 ·
    • Heather MacKay ‎1985.
      El miércoles a la(s) 10:35 · · 5
    • Alex Ferguson hahahahahahah i can't wait. all i know is i want to be there
      El miércoles a la(s) 11:00 · · 2
    • Emily Workman Never. Don't do it. :)
      El miércoles a la(s) 11:02 ·
    • Leanne Traveller Never!
      El miércoles a la(s) 11:11 ·
    • Craig Whitaker Right after you come out the closet to her.
      El miércoles a la(s) 12:00 ·
    • Christine Thuet After you cut it off... ;0
      El miércoles a la(s) 12:06 · · 12
    • Brett Jones Right after you've posted your man card on eBay with a minimum bid of twenty five cents.
      El miércoles a la(s) 12:08 ·
    • Daniel Thuet Thanks mom!
      El miércoles a la(s) 13:15 · · 2
    • Melissa Higley Not sure about the best timing, but the best way to do it is DEFINITELY by posting a Facebook status asking when/how to tell her! ;)
      El miércoles a la(s) 14:22 ·
    • Jake Thuet sorry mom its true he really does have one.. :)
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